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Body Camera Alarm Systems and solutions for the manned professional guard industry.
Occly provides tools for mitigating bad guard behavior. Use our technology to protect your contracts and retain your customers from inappropriate guard actions and wrongful claims of excessive force.

The Occly solution provides real-time video access through a unique body camera.

Are you tired of bad guard behavior? Occly offers guard management solutions...

Too many guards being accused of excessive force? Occly offers guard management solutions...

Tired of Bad Behavior?

Excessive Force? By Who?

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Seeing Is Believing

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The security industry has one of the toughest jobs in the world-keeping us safe. Whether you're working a concert, a mall, a prison, or a private business, as a security professional, you are a first responder with all of the associated risks and liabilities.


In case of emergency, the Occly solution can provide real time critical information that can save lives. Occly offers our world class body cams and other wearables, as well as our enterprise software which includes our smartphone app and web portal. Whether you are a lone worker or working with a large team, safety is paramount.  The Occly solution takes no shortcuts to ensure you are always protected.

During an emergency, it's critical to have as much information as possible. Occly delivers that.

In addition to safety, Occly offers workforce management tools to help employees and employers increase their efficiency and production.  Our reporting tools provide a host of employee metrics for items such as tracking hours on site, dates worked, distance traveled, speed violations and other abuses of corporate policies.


Live Real-Time Images & Video

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