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The Enterprise Solution includes a web portal that integrates perfectly with Occly's devices including the Linc. All work in harmony with each other making it the ideal combination to tackle your safety issues, risk concerns, and loss investigations. Manage every employee and their safety through our secure site. The web portal includes features such as:

  • Team Management - Assign users and managers to job sites, create alerts and alarm lists customized to specific locations, time of day, and users.

  • Live Remote Access - Remotely retrieve real-time video or images from multiple devices.

  • Real-time Location and Geo-fencing - Entrance and exit alerts. Way-point routing and guard tour options available.

  • Alarm and Device Management - View detailed alarms including location, video, images, and audio. Remotely manage your devices.

  • Workforce Analytics & Reporting - Statistical analysis and mapping solutions to increase operational efficiency.

  • User Scheduling - Create shifts, track hours, assign hours, and more through our integrated scheduling tool.

  • Compliance Tracking - Track documents delivered and read with detailed confirmation and reporting.

  • Electronic Field Reports - Your form delivered and tracked through our system.

  • Job Site Access Tracking - Add visitors to sites and have them added to Occly. Uses for real-time site rollcalls for both users and non-users.



The Occly App is a comprehensive tool that pairs seamlessly with Occly's devices including the Linc. It can also act as a standalone app for clients that may not require a connected device. The app syncs with our Enterprise web portal,making them the ideal combo to tackle your safety issues, risk concerns, and loss investigations. The app includes features such as:

  • Soft Alarm Button - Simple deployable alarm system for your entire workforce.

  • Crime Map and Crime Index* - Provides crime levels and crime locations in user areas. Customizable for your business. 

  • Lunch Break - Manage your employees' breaks.

  • Watch Mode - Used as a home or hotel room alarm system.

  • Alarm and Device Management - Set, cancel, and view alarms, pair and manage your device including setting device reminders.

  • Media Control - Record video, images, and remotely access previous alarm media.

  • Customizable Corporate-Wide Settings Control - Settings can be controlled at the corporate or user level depending on institutional preferences. 


*where available


During an alarm, our professional monitoring representatives will contact you and provide assistance.


Agents will have your identity, GPS location, video, audio and medical information. If necessary, local authorities will be dispatched to the scene, and text message notifications can be sent to a custom group of recipients to notify them of the emergency.

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