The Most Advanced Body Cameras and
Wearable Safety Devices in the World





Bodycam Alarm System

Occly is the first video/audio Wearable Safety Alarm designed for individual safety.


Provides an integrated push button alarm and several automatic alarm modes.  Captures video and audio of the situation utilizing 4 outward facing cameras.  Offers the ability to capture data, before and during emergencies.


Automatically transmits images, video and audio to the cloud while sirens & LEDs strobe during an alarm to bring help quickly.  Assisted GPS ensures accurate user location.


In addition to real time video transmission, Occly offers a host of other features including a stationary motion detection mode, a dwell feature and automated check in.


Built for commercial grade applications, Occly offers enterprise customers real-time access to location and status of employees, while providing a number of employee management and workforce efficiency tools.

"The wearable safety device

with the most comprehensive

protection available.



Video Camera starts recording at the push of

a button and footage is rapidly sent to the cloud

Impact & Threat Sensors

detect and trigger the alarm

Loud Siren to alert anyone

nearby of your emergency

GPS Tracking lets others know your location in an emergency

Voice Recorder starts capturing audio once alarm is triggered

Four Photo Cameras always on to capture the evidence 

Panic Button sends out multiple 

alerts, along with your location

Automatic Cloud Transfer of

photo, video & audio evidence

Bright LED Flashlight with

high-intensity flash beacon 

Superior Technology

Every Occly body camera comes equipped with the most advanced personal safety alarm system technology available, making it the most comprehensive and multi-functional body camera on the market.


By combining Occly's wearable technology including four cameras, voice recorder and cloud storage with multiple, cutting-edge alert capabilities, not only will you capture the visual and audio evidence necessary to secure the proof, you'll also have the power to call for backup whenever you need it. 

Photo, Video & Audio
Evidence Capture
Cloud-Based, Digital 
Evidence Management
24/7 Pro Monitoring &
Live Video Streaming
Panic Button, Auto-Text
Alerts, Siren & Flashlight

During an alarm, our professional monitoring representatives will contact you and provide assistance.


Agents will have your identity, GPS location, video, audio and medical information. If necessary, local authorities will be dispatched to the scene, and text message notifications can be sent to your friends and family to notify them of the emergency.

hour professional




  •  Only available integrated bodycam and emergency alarm system.

  • Designed to be a deterrent.

  • Automatic transmission of images from before the alarm, and then real time video to the cloud for evidence preservation. Only device designed for evidence collection and protection of the events of a shooting for the subsequent civil suit that typically happens.

  • 24 hour emergency monitoring that can see and hear situation and use GPS to locate and then contact police.

  • In an emergency or shooting situation, the system allows the user to, with the push of a button, notify and get help WITHOUT having to get distracted, search for a cell phone, dial; during this time taking their eyes off the situation, surroundings and the perpetrator.

  • Inexpensive hardware price point. Inexpensive recurring monthly monitoring cost.

  • $1.50* per day for the added protection and evidence in case of lawsuit. 

(*Includes both cost of hardware and monitoring over 1 year period.  $1.20 per day over 2 years… you get the idea.)

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